Monday, 16 February 2015

Hoops, you've did it again!

Over the past few weeks, the physical infrastructure of the Belfast cycle hire scheme have been popping up round the city centre like mushrooms. This is to be welcomed, however as well as the hire points, a fair few new cycle parking hoops have popped up in random places.

These hoops have literally appeared overnight, but the placement is bizarre, these ones are up the side of the NIHE, and I have never, ever witnessed a bicycle chained up anywhere near here, another strange site is the small triangle of tarmac underneath the advertising hoarding at the junction of Linenhall St and Ormeau Avenue, which again is odd, how is the sign poster meant to carry out his duties?

On the other hand, where hoops are needed, they aren't there, you could easily double the number of cycle parking spaces around Upper Arthur St, High Street, around Laganside, but I feel someone has thought "Oh keek, bike hire is coming out, lets plant some bike hoops!" then spread them randomly across this city centre.

You'd think someone would have actually asked the local cycling community before planting these things, as it is, they're pretty much a white elephant.



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