Sunday, 15 May 2016

Am I doing it wrong?

Tonight I went for a ride on my bike. It's a nice night so I just chucked some drinkies in the bottle and rode off into the great outdoors, wearing nothing more fancy than an ancient pair of cargo shorts and a seven year old t-shirt. It was a nice night so I just pedalled into the wind until I reached Holywood, there I sat down, drank my drink, Skyped my friend in England, photographed a passing bulk carrier.
told two drunken millies how to get to the train station, then got on the bike and went home.

It wasn't an epic journey, it wasn't fast, it was just a gentle spin on a bike for the sake of it. I didn't wear a helmet and didn't die, didn't wear hi-viz or lycra, didn't see one other cyclist at all.

So I was a solitary cyclist, no lycra, going slowly and just enjoying the good weather.

I must be doing it wrong.

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Michael Fay McKenna said...

No, not doing it wrong, just living. I hope the job is still going well. Really liked the term "drone woman"in your earlier blog post. Nil illigitimis carburundum!